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Default Advise on water cooling setup

Hi guys,

Well I am probably going to have a watercooling setup soon enough and was looking for input on my build. This will be going into an Antec 902 and will be a water loop for two 5870s only right now (will add my third one later on if I can find a water block and my CPU very late on with another radiator for it).

Here is the part list:

Reservoir: XSPC Single 5.25" Acrylic
Pump: Swiftech MCP355 with XSPC top
Radiator: Swiftech MCR 320 (Triple 120MM radiator)
Tubing: 1/2" UV Green Tubing
Barbs: Feser 1/2" 10x Nickel coated barbs
Clamps: 8x Koolace 5/8" OD clamp
Fluid: Distilled water with Dazmode Protectant fluid
Fans: 3X Cooler Master 69CFM (19 DB) [Pull setup]
Etc: PCI Expansion Slot with Molex adapters

GPU block: EK 5870 Block
Bridge: EK Triple Parrallel Bridge

Proposed setup:

Pump -> Reservoir -> GPU blocks -> Radiator

Here is how my case currently looks:

^ With the above image in mind, my reservoir will be mounted in the bay immediately above, the reservoir will be mounted where the top plastic tab is (by my video cards). The radiator will be outside the case and will be attached where the back 120MM fan is (the bottom of the radiator will be screwed here). The tubing will be ran through the existing Antec slots. The pump will sit at the bottom of the case.

So does this sound alright? I was also considering to use a Switech Micro Revo 2 as my reservoir (not sure if it can fit though) and placing it higher in the case and make it so it is not too difficult to bend. I do prefer the clean look of it being in the 5.25" bay though.

Also, would a 1/2" tube be too difficult to fit around the 5870s in an Antec 902?

Thanks in advance.
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