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My System Specs


I got a 30 GB Vertex Turbo (firmware 1.5) from ebay these days, popped into my mobo with nForce 740 chipset, set the storage to AHCI mode and loaded W7Ux64 on it. HD Tune reported max read speed 224MB/s, min 180 something, and average 218MB/s. ATTO reported around 145MB/s at writing. WEI was 7.2. I am thinking ideal configuration would be small SSD for boot, raid 0 with 2 HDD for apps/pagefile and slow and large HDD for storage. I am not doing much stuff on my machine, some occasional gaming and some facebook gaming. The regular Vertex seems to be on sale on Newegg right now at 69$ with free shipping. ( I ordered one today) I moved the Vertex Turbo on m gf's Latitude D620, and HD Tune reported top speed around 115MB/s, no AHCI option, WEI dropped to 6.8 but machine is very snappy, I have been told facebook loads faster than any regular HDD we have on the desktop systems at home. I have the Samsung F4@320GB and she has a Seagate 7200.12@500GB, both systems with Phenom Quads and 4GB ram. The C300 SSD, especially the 64MB one has slower write speeds, but they are already advertised. To take full advantage of the sata 6 you could just get a sata6 adapter, around 40$.
Yes, so if you can still get a vertex turbo that is a terrific first try as SSD. Win7Ux64 naked install takes about 15GB with some programs should work fine. game installs should be done on a RAID 0 matrix for maxing out the read speed with the added capacity, or you could simply get to a Revo drive.

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