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First I currently have a 8600GT 512mb DDR2... Not a 8800GT. Sorry for the confusion. I got a great deal on the 8600 and it allowed me to play some games while the 8800's came down in price. No regrets there just time to upgrade is all.

After checking around the web my Dell uses a standard ATX power supply. I also called Dell tech to make sure. Now having said that I was really hoping my 5000+ X2 wouldn't bottleneck a GTS 512mb too bad, but in short vinister is bang on in saying it will. So instead I'll be ordering both a OCZ StealthXStream 500W and a 8800GT (of some flavour) from NCIX as soon as there new sale starts.

Great link from Firingsquad about bottlenecks vs GPU's
GeForce 8800 GTX/8800 GTS Performance with Athlon 64

I am a little bumed about not being able to take advantage of the price drop on the G92 GTS, but it looks like I'll be spending less money and still ending up with a decent little gaming rig. Not to mention I've learned a metric shit ton about CPU's, GPU's, Power Supply's as well as general overclocking.

I'll be building my next box by hand no doubt.

Thanks again for all the feedback.

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