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My System Specs

Default Intel stock HSF beats Megahalems for this board!

Second update - I managed to hit a 3.7 GHz without getting throttled... by switching from my Megahalems to the stock Intel HSF.
Despite the CPU temperature hitting 10 degrees Celsius higher than what I got on the Megahalems (according to Intel Desktop Utilities), there is no throttling. Yes I tried re-seating the Megahalems changing how I used intake and exhaust on the case.

That makes me believe that the crucial difference is the fact that the Intel HSF is a downdraft cooler, which is cooling the uncovered VRMs. With the Megahalems, there was no airflow in that region because the mounting bracket actually covered the area where the VRMs were. There was something like 2-3mm between the Megahalems bracket and the top of the MOSFET, so only an ear-piercing loud fan could've forced air fast enough through that area to actually cool it. By comparison, the Intel stock HSF's incidental airflow is obviously hitting that area. Maybe with a better downdraft cooler that still has a smallish (not bigger than the socket) base I can OC this poor Intel board more?

I wish I knew this during the Chimps Challenge - I would've gladly sacrificed fan noise for the extra points, however small the bonus might've been.
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