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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post

This isn't a virus its spyware/malware.

I've seen this get around almost EVERY antivirus out there to date.
Just wondering but why do you say this when all of the instances of this I have seen are identified as Trojans by AV software and Spyware stuff? An example would be how it is identified as a trojan in Malwarbytes and AVG and MSE and Kaspersky and a couple others I just can't remember right now.

So I don't get why you always get pissed when people refer to it as a virus when it is a trojan which is classified as a virus.

Oh and the reason it gets past everything is because when the initial pop-up shows itself (usually due to hacked web page) people click on it. Even clicking on it to close it triggers the virus in the background. What we tell our users is that if they get one of those "you're infected" pop-ups then they should shut down the browser by killing the process in task manager. Now I have personally done this on multiple machines and any not one has ended up with a virus. While ones that have just clicked on the "x" to close the pop-up have gotten it.

Now I'm not going to go out and say this is 100% sure fire way to not get hit but it does help. And while we have had a couple users say they didn't do anything, all the rest later admitted to clicking on a pop-up to either close it or just to see what it was about. This was even with users that do know what to look for and not just some "dumb" user. We get bombarded with information while going to multiple sites and it can be easy to just click on the "x" to close some pop-up that showed.
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