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It's not related to case temps, this PSU is running on a Antec Skeleton, the PSU blow hot air at the back and the casing of the PSU is warm,

and it's not the motherboard or CPU since I switch them and it still do the same, the only thing in commun left are the PSU and the RAM and a SSD drives , what make me think it's the PSU, it's sometime it's more warm than other, and this on iddle too.

Originally Posted by driftstang View Post
what are you doing when it crashes from time to time? if you're only pulling only 360 from the wall the PSU is not being stressed at all. by any chance is your CPU heatsink right below the PSU intake fan?
it's a very light use PC, running 24/7 , sometime when I come in the room the PC have reboot, but it happen 3 times I was on the keyboard only browsing and PAF it reboot without warning.

Anyway monday I will receive the new PSU, if it happen again We gone look more... But something told me those Seasonic are design to run with low speed fan, that will explain why low flow of hot air go out : let say that's a 80% efficient PSU, and it's using 300 watts, that's means that 60 watts of heat is produce and if this heat is rel;ease be a slow fan it get warm inside, it's why I ask the owner of Seasonic 850 watts, if they have the same observation rearding the heat

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