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Default Seasonic overheating

I want to know if Seasonic PSU owner notice their PSU produce more heat than other, here why :

I have this Seasonic M12D 850 watts , it blow hot air at the back like no other of my PSU do. This is on a build that according to Antec PSU calculator will require a 500 watts, and my kill-a-watt show only 360 watts in full use. At first I thought it was may be the fan that donít run fast enough to reduce the noise, but the computer crash time to time it reboot, it happen every other day. I have to send it back for RMA but I need a PSU in the waiting time, so I order another 1000 watts PSU, a real pain. But then I suspect also the RAM, but I guess it will BSOD before reboot noÖItís not my GPU since I change it and still have the same problem.

So the question, do you thing I do the good thing to order another PSU, anyway I can use the RAM one for another build latter.
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