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It seems MOST major hardware manufacturers have dead slow websites, not just ASUS. It took me 26 minutes to download an audio driver yesterday from Gigabyte.

Now for my own rant:

The ACC really pisses me off, and not just the team that resisdes there! Most of the good seats are left empty, why?, because they are seasons tickets owned by business men that have more money then (well you know). And even when they are there at least occupying their seats, they may have well stayed home for all the cheering they do. I'm sure nothing motivates the Leafs more, or intimidates the opponents more than a guy sitting mere rows away... sitting quietly wearing a suit and eating sushi.

All the "real" fans are left to fight over the table scraps and pay way too much money for seats up in the nose bleeds if you can even get them, oh and did I leave out a pint cost $14 !?! They should at least have enough common decency to give their ticket to one of the kids in Sick Kids, or a friend, or the neighbour's kid, or call ahead to the ACC and notify them that their seat is available for sale for that event, or a random guy on the street, or heaven forbid actually show up and make some noise!

Those people truly are the black hole at the center of our hockey universe.

That felt good. Thanks for this thread!
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