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Originally Posted by roh_ultima View Post
no i covered that. i said if he used his 570 to fold

the money he saves, he could buy a second budget computer with another nvidia video card and have it fold 24/7
Overclocked 570s pull around 20k PPD. 4GHz Intel hexacores can easily pound out 65k, the amount of GPU's to cram into a tower to pull that on the same single rig would be a power hungry space heater. I may consider the Sandy Bridge hexacores when they come out in Q4 (Assuming Intel doesn't dick around any longer with LGA2011). Other than basically what I have above, the only other consideration coming to mind right now is the upcoming bulldozer Octacores, which I'm going to be very intrigued to see some folding numbers on those babies....16 threads for under $400? HELLO!

I'm quite aware the PC-V351 is small, that's the fun part about it. There aren't many people around who bother to take a SFF case and WC the CPU & GPU inside it. Someone asked George Mallory why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, the simple reply summed it up best - "Because it's there"
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