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There is a way to use PowerStrip to add a color profile to help with that, but I've never been able to get that working properly with my wide gamut monitors.

Unfortunately I have to agree, that my biggest issue with the "wide gamut" craze being more marketecture/e-peen than anything, is that specifically with Windows (all versions) it's not properly compensated for by the o/s.

Maybe one day.

Otherwise nice review AkG!

Originally Posted by MarcusX View Post
How can the colors be accurate in games and movies if they are not color managed? Wide-gamut monitors have such horrid colors that they require profiling. Why is this inherent defect of wide-gamut monitors always glossed over in reviews(not just HWC)? Do retina-burning color really attract people that much?

MPC-HC, Windows Picture Viewer, Firefox are color managed.

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