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My System Specs


i would also suggest the sandy bridge

an i5 in that performs extremely well, makes the extra money for the i7 seem a silly waste for such little gain

plus they over clock obscenely. have a friend at 4.5 ghz

some reviews of the i5 2500 and the more expensive 980x and such

for gaming. the extra 2 cores do not add much to the table yet
i've only have a small handfull of games that actually like 3 or more cores

AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition Processor Review

AnandTech - AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition Review

considering the 970 is almost 600.00 while even a i5 2500K is just over 200.00.
at this time. 6 core is overkill and won't give you any huge benefits. not for what you described what you want your computer to be used for. the folding at home can run on the gtx 570 and do 10 times the amount the cpu could every hope to achieve...if not more

plus the i7 motherboard is about 100.00 more as well.

also just wondering why those design of cases ?
looks rather compact and small. i still have to read up on them and see
just from the images i quickly looked at
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