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Default Planning the new beast!

Its been about a year since I abandoned my last build idea, seeing as how Ive been moving base to base, and wont be permanently posted until around the end of the year I figured I would stick with desktop replacement notebooks for the time being or perhaps even longer. Unfortunately I keep reading HWC and seeing new builds pop up regularly, and the unusual twitch in my eye has returned, you know, the kind that makes people wonder what in the world is going on in that head? GOT IT BACK! This will be getting started once I get posted to my next base (Which will be the permanent one where I wont be stuck living in shacks), maybe a few people will be interested in seeing how this evolves over the next few months.

My uses for the new design will be gaming, and of course folding 24/7, maybe some movies from time to time but if I really get a HD collection going Ill just build a small HTPC for the family (I smell another thread sometime in the future!) Initially I had my heart set on a dual CPU build, but after putting a rough outline together and getting everything all laid out, planned and priced I promptly went upstairs and changed my shorts, then came back down to re-evaluate the whole idea of a pair of Xeons on an SR2. Ive decided to resurrect my old SFF idea though there have been a few changes to it, and after browsing through a bunch of forums and Google images (Im still trying to decide if this is going to work well or be a giant pain in the ass, but time will tell).

Im still rather torn between cases, the Lian Li PC-V351B has been rather proven to show that it can be WCd (Both the CPU and GPU), though the new Silverstone Sugo SG07 looks like it could potentially fit the bill better, though the power supply that comes with it may not be adequate for what I have in mind and finding a 650 or better watt power supply that is 140mm long is rather annoying at best when youre looking for modular. Im hoping a dual rad will be enough for a 4GHz overclock on the hexacore, and the GTX 570 (Or its future equivalent). All my computer parts will be pricematched and purchased from NCIX, the WC gear will be coming from Dazmode. Any suggestions to help resolve my aforementioned confusion would be greatly appreciated!

Enough rambling on my part, ON WITH THE LIST OF PARTS BABY!

System Components
CPU Intel Core i7 970 (Cheaper than the 980x/990x, and should pull close to the same PPD)
Motherboard Asus Rampage III Gene (One of, if not the best mATX X58 motherboards around)
RAM 3x4GB Mushkin Blackline DDR3-1600 (Cheap and Reliable)
GPU Asus GTX 570 (Not a high end card, but for my uses it works just fine)
OS/HDD 450GB WD Velociraptor (SSD $/GB isn't low enough for my needs)
2TB Western Digital Caviar Green (Storage space)
PSU Corsair AX750 (Need to find out how to shorten the cables a few inches to make them fit fabulously in an SFF Case)
Case Lian Li PC-V351B (May go with the Sugo SG07 but I doubt 600W is enough power)

WC Gear
CPU Block Koolance CPU-370
GPU Block Koolance VID-NX580
Radiator XPSC RS240 Dual 120mm Rad
Pump Swiftech MCP355 w/ Some Res Top (Top TBD)
Tubing 3/8 ID tubing (Id like but I have a feeling it will look too cramped)
Fittings Compression & 45 degree fittings.
Fans Who knows. Probably Scythe Gentle Typhoons depending on space.
Peripherals Will be determined later. Probably something 24 1900x1200 and a Logitech KB/Mouse.

Estimated Cost - Current market value totals up to <$3000. WOO!

Man Im twitching about building this thing, unfortunately I gotta wait for a while longer, its just too pointless until I have somewhere a little more permanent to live. Hope you like it! Always open to suggestions for the WCing, Case/PSU issue or monitor suggestions.
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