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My System Specs


I'm (now) going to go glass for a couple reasons... I just hope cost and finding supply is reasonable. I also think I might do what many other people do and just cut out the case (leave the bottom and 'corners' intact) and build the glass into the case. That design looks much cleaner.

I got "hydrocracked, hydrorefined mineral oil called Luminol TR-I" and "midel 7131" from a couple posts on the first page. I'll look into those two as I know mineral oil isn't the best solution (but it works).

I'm still lost as to what I'll end up doing for motherboard mounting... And I might need to find someone with tools who can help me :D I've decided to get a AM3+ mobo and put a Phenom II X6 BE into it if bulldozer isn't out by the time I buy parts. I'll probably get mATX for size reasons, but I'll be using this as a server + F@H rig, so it'd be nice if I can get a 2nd GPU in there for more contribution. I've seen a couple potential cases, but only one that's close to the $50 mark atm.
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