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My System Specs


Bump! So I have decided to go with three 5870s instead, lol! One of them is an Asus EAH5850 v2 that uses a blower/exhuast system, one of them is not reference and not a blower design, and the third one will likely not be a reference design either.

I am thinking about cooling two of the video cards (definately not the reference one and a toss up between which one overclock better or gets hotter in the case). My case space is looking like this now:

So there is definately not alot of room to put stuff. Any suggestions for this? Once again, all I need is a GPU loop. Also, can someone link me to heatsink spreaders that can removed after install (or do I assume this for all except if they are thermal epoxy?

I was thinking about having my radiators mounted to the back of the case (outside) and having the pump inside the bottom of the case.

Do you guys think 3X120MM radiator will be sufficient enough to drop two 5870s temps into the low 60s/high 50s when mining at full load?
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