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Originally Posted by Borg View Post
For the 912, can you mount the drives in backwards? Do any of these cases have designs where the drive can be mounted in backwards (to hide the cables) whether it's at the 90/180 degree style? I don't mind that some have the tilts but I'd want to mount the drives in backwards regardless to hide the cable...

Problem is where the mounting holes are and whether there's room at the back of the case or in front of the intake fans (depending on where the cage is located/situated).

I hope there's a manufacturer that thought of this.

Else I need a drill! :)

Yes it can be mounted front facing where your SATA power and data cables are located on the cable management side of the case. I think you'll have to buy the top exhaust fan, just giving you a heads up. Also another issue is that the CPU cutout is useless for most 1155 boards
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