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Having used the RV02, I'm going to give you reasons why I think the Phantom is better. Opposed to stating "RV02 all the way" "RV02 FTW"

Here are the issues I have personally encountered with the RV02.
  • Hard drive cage is not tooless
  • Maximum of 3 hard drives + 1 SSD adjacent to your cable management on the RV02 (Yes I am aware of the RV02 E)
  • Tight fit for an optical drive in the 1st top bay since it hits the PCI slots (This is the probably the only time I was able to take advantage of the tooless slots since all tooless locking mechanisms are located in the 5.25 bays
  • Drive bay in the RV02 is layed out horizontally. Opposed to modern cases which should be front facing for better cable management.
  • Optical drive is not flush with chassis unless you peform the stealth bezel chassis mod
  • Front and top of the RV02 is plastic
  • And here is the kicker, according to Bit-tech the Phantom is on par with the RV02 in regards to cooling (even with the front 140mm and top exhaust fan not installed.
But then again the RV02 E addressed some of these issues, but obviously you'll have to pay considerably more for these design changes.
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