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Originally Posted by thenewguy001 View Post
I bought a bunch of scythe slip stream kaze jyunis, 1200rpm 68.5CFM 24DBA and I must say they are pretty fricken loud. So I would say that 24DB is definately audible and annoying. remember that decibels are logarithmic so 24DB is 10x louder than 23DB.
Whoa... 24Db is 10x louder than 23Db? It was my understanding that every +3Db is subjectively twice as loud. So 24Db is only 33% louder than 23db by that understanding.

Like I've already mentioned about the scythes though: I have two in my current system and they both make an audible (and annoying from a totally-silent standpoint) noise that can stick out horribly at anything above half speed... The Noctua is a nice fan on paper but it is Really damn ugly so I'd prefer to only take it if everyone thinks it's the best option. I'm more interested in people's opinions about the Nexus, Arctic cooling and Yate-loon options. The Yates and ACs are very nice to be since theyre half the price of the "high-end" ones like the Nexus and Noctuas.
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