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Default 120mm Fan Suggestions

Hey all, looking to Rebuild my lil HTPC system (as the Apevia case no longer seems to want to hold itself together properly anymore). I'm still looking into getting the Sugo-03 case so I need a few suggestions for a ultra-quiet yet still useful 120mm fans to use as intake (Note:the CFM has to be decent since I will be passively cooling my processor with a CM GeminII (Thanks to all that helped me out getting info about it)).

Options thus far:
Arctic Cooling 12025L: FDB bearing, 37Cfm/22db = $9 @ NCIX
Nexus Real Silent B/W Fan: 37Cfm, 22db = $18 @ NCIX
Sythe SFF21D: 32Cfm, 8db?? = $15 @ NCIX
Coolermaster Blue Led fan: 42Cfm, 22db = $7 @ NCIX
Noctua NF-S12-1200: ?Cfm, 17db = $19 @ NCIX
Yate loon D12BL-12: 45Cfm, 24db = $10 @ NCIX

I've used CM fans and Sythes in my main system (see signature) and find the CMs to be quieter. The Sythes do push more air BUT I find the "groan" alot at anything above 7v (half speed or so). Ideas?
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