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@ 2:39, in the video review, I tried installing the Hardware Lab's 240 stealth GT "gen 2" (15mm spacing) into the Arc's 240 factory mounting holes. The top Optical bay prevents it from aligning with the mounting holes, regardless of which direction the radiator is placed. The reason this radiator doesn't fit? It has the inlet and outlet holes on opposite ends, which makes it slightly longer. As far as I'm aware, Hardware Lab is the only manufacturer offering this particular design. Hoping somebody will correct me if I'm wrong.

Ok, so Fractal contacted me immediately after the video was posted and asked that I check it again, to confirm 100% that it wouldn't fit. I happily obliged and reach the same conclusion again. They told they would fix the issue, but as to when we will see this fix made? No idea at this time, but I can ask them to update me.
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