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My System Specs

Smile New Build

Well I'll take a stab at it, but because I don't know what's available 2 u, simply make suggestions as if u were next door

I would look at the Samsung F3 and WD Black ed. HDDs The new 6gb/s drives really r a lot faster. Consider getting a SSD 4 an OS, possibly later.

I would look at getting a smaller HDD 4 now as an OS, and keep the other for storage and backup.

Look at the Noctua cpu coolers, as they generally outperform most others at cost/performance and are reasonably priced.
The GTX 480 in the HAF X will b fine. Make use of the gpu shroud and install a healthy cfm fan. Make certain to check the noise rating, as some I've tried sounded like a jet engine. Anywhere below 20 db is pretty good.

I had a 90 cfm fan behind mine and even after an hour of Prime 95, I could touch the tubing. Nice and cool.

Switch your psu for a modular 1. The HX series r pretty good and your psu is a very important core component.
Don't know much about the Sony DVD RW, LG r pretty good though.

It looks like a good system, but look at the 2500K. A bit less $ and still overclocks quite well.

Enjoy the new system and welcome 2 HWC!
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