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Default Netbook - Asus 1015pn

Hi everybody

I was a bit skeptical about the performance of a netbook, but having some good to spend and finding him to 228 including ss and I think I got it ...
The wait was short in 24 hours because I have delivered (m0nclick compliment), I open the box as he was curious to see the color because in Italy they sell only red .... first surprise is really nice and elegant, red is less heated than the photos can be found online ...

I turn it on, apart from the installation of seven starters (sloooooow) and after half an hour the net is ready to use ...
Start hacking away and I am pleasantly surprised at the speed of the system (despite having 1GB of RAM and starter is not exactly a feather with the programs installed by asus ... I use it in power saving at 1GHz and never crashed).
I had read that the fan was noisy, so that the net warming .... I am not right, is quiet and the fan part only if you use the heavy ion ...

On video, the ion behaves well, the 1080p video to be quietly and with media player classic, both on youtube .... you can also play pes2011!
Using the net as a TV via DVB-T USB and I see the HD channels without any shots, I can also record everything without having snookered.
No problems even connecting to a TV in HDMI FullHD

In conclusion, we speak of battery life ...
in navigation mode the battery is never less than 9 hours!
ion mode with videos, games and various you can reach 5 hours...
I proceeded to do the upgrade to 2gb of ram with Crucial 1333 CL9 from 18 and move to seven home premium in order to make optimus not have to reboot to switch from one to the other vga ..
What can I say, I am very satisfied of my netbook, i use the desktop only to play...
considering the bargain price due to the imminent release of the new model with atom N570 is a chance (because I took it quietly with setfab to 1.7GHz)

That's all folks

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