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I would shoot for a bulldozer build once the platform launches & the 8xx or 9xx based boards. As Akg, said 8xx & newer will have full trim support, but not in raid configurations. But when your talking about sandforce 2xxx based SSD's its not much of a issue to worry about running more then 1 in raid.

I have to say IF your looking to build a system with a SSD when you do a bulldozer my recomendation to match with it is the new Corsair Force 3 120. It's on pre-order from ncix for around $239 & so far it's the only sandforce 2xxx based SSD out there with max IOPS rates (85000 apparently) next would be the vertex 3's. As all the reviews have sugested the ONLY thing close to touching Vertex 3's sandforce preformance is only a product from another company based on the same sandforce chips.
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