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Seeing as how this thread is directly related to my issue, I will post here as well since I came upon it through the search.

I recently bought a WD2002FAEX (WD 2TB Caviar Black HDD) and the results that I have gotten are as follows when running tests with WD Data LifeGuard, HD Tune, and HD Sentinel. Should I be worried about my drive potentially dying? It looks like I am unable to retrieve any relevant SMART info at all. The extended tests on all 3 programs passed.

The status keeps alternating between fail and pass on WD Data LifeGuard.

HD Tune is not much different

And HD Sentinel is unable to get any readings from SMART.

System specs:
Gigabyte X58A-UD5 Mobo
Core I7 930
Windows 7 Ultimate
Bios set to AHCI mode (same results when set to IDE)

Would these results justify returning / exchanging the drive for a new one?

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