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Thanks man ! ...Racks are great.

This one actually has a story too.It's an original series Q-sound processor rack , that I've repainted in my clans colors..... It usta be a semi white cabinet , but I saved the plaque ;


I've soldered the first vacuum jacket pipe..... ;

Tank end :

Drain/vacuum end ;


It's certainly not perfect , but it's not bad for my first try , I think newayz.....It is getting an exterior 'seal' coat , so the solder joints are mechanical only ...

This is only a 1/4 inch line tho.....The main circulation lines will be 3/4 inch ID minimum....1 inch if I can do it.....But the piping will be a challenge for sure !


More in a few days .

24+SB cores , 7x Asus Strix 1070's ,storage, memory n stuff.Dual 4k monitor video .