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Default Affordable SATA 2 SSD

Hi All!

Synopsis for those with short attention spans:

-Excellent SATA 2-based SSD, 60-120gb, affordable, but still excellent.

For those with more patience:

I've decided to turn the sad day of selling my beloved motorcycle into a happy day of computer upgrading by finally stepping into the SSD world. I'm still on a fairly tight budget however, and I can't afford the latest and greatest. In addition, I'm stuck firmly in the SATA2 world for the foreseeable future, on an eVGA 780i board.

I've picked through quite a number of posts, and I'm aware that there was some sort of debacle involving OCZ, and that manufacturers have moved to 25nm production. I'm also aware the Corsair now has some beautiful options, and that the Vertex 3 is redefining the modern SSD. None of that, however, speaks much to a low-cost, SATA2-based drive that will still blow my doors off when stepping up from a WD Black.

Would anyone be so kind as to make some suggestions? Are the Vertex 2s I see on sale so often at NCIX still a good, affordable option? I'm thinking a drive somewhere between 60gb and 90gb.

Thanks for any and all help in advance.
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