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Default Project Blood Ice HAF 922

After weeks of designing, and planning i am ready to unveil Blood Ice HAF 922. I had a couple of projects that i was working and wasnt sure i had the time for another. The system with feature a Red & White Theme incased in a Icy Shell.
2011 Cooler Master Case Mod Entry
voting link Cooler Master 2011 Case Mod Competition
I would like to thank my sponsors for contributing to the Build
Part List
Cooler Master HAF 922
Intel i5-2500 k
Sapphire 6970 GPU
Biostar MB
Phoybia 4 120mm Silent Fans red/clear
First off was to clean I dust off HAF 922 it has been sitting in a box for about 8 months then onto
disassmebly and strip the old paint from the system, which i was long and very time consuming.

Now that i have it clean enough to piant, I started riviting it back together a added the new wheels to It

primed and painted!! 4 days!!! lol

A few red pieces
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