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My System Specs


It's always hard to call when cards are this closely match (one beating the other by a decent amount depending on the game, etc), but I've always felt that nvidia is fair to charge a small premium for their cards over ATI by offering more benefits. Still, I'd like to see this 560 match the MSRP of the 6870 and it looks like it does, so good job for nvidia... now the problem arises with waiting for the 560 to start having sales/rebates like every other card that's been out for more than a couple weeks :P

Well, if my computer burnt in the fire, I might pick up one of these to tide me over until the end of the year (if I don't find a great BST deal that is...)

Nice review... I never asked before: do you have a full set of harware on site to re-test benchmarks for all your charts with new drivers/patches?
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