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My System Specs

Default In need of a new headset

*Thanks for moving mods *

Well I managed to snap my damn Steelseries 7H in half just by taking them off my head *sigh
So it would appear it is time to look for a new set and I honestly do not know where to even begin. I have been debating going the separate mic from headphone way, or sticking with the all in one like I'm used to. Now they will be used mainly for FPS gaming and chat with teammates but I would also like a pair that have fairly good sound quality. Budget isn't really a concern as long as its not >$300.

Heres what I have been looking at:
PC 360 Sennheiser Canada Inc. - PC 360
A40 Astro A40 Audio System | A40 Headset & Mixamp |
G930 Wireless Gaming Headset G930

Feel free to toss out any ideas

Thanks guys

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