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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Ok, I'll go first.....

Why does a major player like ASUS have such a disaster for a website!?!?!?!?

You'd think that a big name like ASUS would have a top notch website to allow folks to get drivers/on-line support, but NOOOOOOOO, instead they've got a site that won't even load the regional page!!!!

C'mon ASUS get with the picture... this is completely unacceptable from a geek point of view.... take a page from AMD/ATI and get some bandwidth going. (Nothing warms the cockles of my heart better than a 1.7MB download speed for drivers! :) ).
Simple if you go there for help or support you can't ever get there in the first place unless you are extremely lucky.

That way they can claim least amount of problems after the sale.
And if no one knows you needed anything then they can say and print what they want.
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