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My System Specs


Thank you AKG, yes they are a bit noisy. I bought the mega and actually just received it today. I ordered it from ncix, and they are good with shipping. It was on sale, and it is my first real build and with Antec 1200 case, it does not have a window on the bottom so I can't just change the coolers without actually taking out the whole motherboard. Those are good fans huh, and they are bit noisy at full speed. I opened the mega and as you were saying about dual fanning that, it had a total of 4 metal holders for the fans, so I am gonna drop by at canadacomputers and pick up another coolermaster sickleflow and dual fan that baby lol. I will definitely let you know how it goes, just waiting on my main parts now, which is the mobo ram and the actual cpu.


Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Both are very good coolers. IF you already have the fernrir, I would try it FIRST before buying the mega. TBH, the mega will win as it can handle TWO fans. 99.99% of the time two good good fans > 1 good fan...but where you are only going for a moderate (at most) OC the fenrir will serve you well. Its not like the dif is going to be night and day at moderate loads.

You are making a smart move by using a CM R4. They are great fans with insanely good (for 25mm thick) static pressure. If you have to only run one fan....there are few 25mm thick ones out there which are better in its noise envelope. :)
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