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Would probably be closer to the middleg of August due to back to school. I think that since we did so well our first time out that I should be able to get more funding and do a couple of tourneys. Maybe 2 or 3 smaller ones so that more people can participate and have fun. Say something like a FPS, Traditional RTS like SC2 and maybe something like HoN or LoL? Grand Prizes would probably have to be smaller, but we shall see. I have some planning to do. ;)

As for the location, I have a running deal with Gamers Vault for my first few events. Before anyone says anything about the size of the place... don't panic! We are well aware that space was tight and if we get any more people showing up next time it would be intolerable if we had the same setup. That being said, we have some ideas that we think will work. But more on that at a later date.

I cant wait to do the next one now. lol
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