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Hey, I hope it's ok to re-start this thread!

I am having major difficulties with my cpu fans... only one wire clip so someone helped me with it but used wires. I am not sure I like it, though.

I need some advice! HELP!

What would you do if you're keeping this system and wanting the fans?

I thought I should take the mobo out. It's really a hassle to work with this hardware, imho.

We put the fans on the heatsink beforehand but now the 8-pin cable is EXTREMELY difficult to plug in!

I can provide pictures. Would that help?

I'm so frustrated... I am thinking of ordering wire clips for the 'middle' fan (aka 'pull fan?') and a fan holder for the 'push' fan? That way I can use the wire clips for one fan and the easier fan holder for the one on the outside. A fan holder in the middle would probably obstruct the 8-pin connector too much?

Also, I think it would have been easier if I took the motherboard out of the case and did all this. I was suggesting to but my helper said I then have to disconnect everything. I was being too lazy, I think.

This case, the Antec 300, is a pain to work with since it's so tight and the Asus mobo has the power connectors in horrible places.

Can anyone suggest some options or ideas for me? The 'current work' looks a bit crummy and I wanted a 'clean looking' case with a neat layout and that isn't happening either!

The other idea would have been to use zip ties which was my original idea. One at or near the top and one near the bottom? Or one long one in the middle? I thought the way this is done will determine how much noise gets created from vibration but experienced builders would have a better idea.



P.S. I could provide a picture or two? It's a crappy setup, though (kinda embarrassed! ;-) ). What would be the best way to upload the pictures? Image host? (Imageshack?). Or the VB Image host option here?

P.S.S. The heatsink is on the mobo but it's not inadvisable to take the mobo out for that reason, right?
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