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My System Specs


Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
With everything set at MAX that you can @ 1920x1200 ... i'll max out on some maps 140 fps & minimal 32 fps & that is with what I have in my sig. The graphics n such are alot like the f2p fps combat arms I play & on that game i hit on most of its maps 60+ fps on the minimal side & 300 fps on the max side with all settings maxed out.

I laugh at alot of these review sits that claim the X6 is no good for gaming meanwhile it has = if not surpast what I was normaly gettin on my previous X4 955 be.
My laptop is cranking out the 30 fps or so at 1366 x 768 with all settings at low

Can't remember what resolution I have the game set on my desktop, and all settings are low there too, and it achieves a whopping 19 fps if I am lucky.
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