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Originally Posted by PerryC View Post
I am afraid to ask, but what are you guys getting for fps? Both my laptop and desktop meet min spec, but neither meets recommended spec. The desktop tops out around 19 fps, the laptop gets about 30-35 fps tops. Fun to play, but a bit of a pain when your targets disappear then reappear beside you cause your system can't keep up to the game.
With everything set at MAX that you can @ 1920x1200 ... i'll max out on some maps 140 fps & minimal 32 fps & that is with what I have in my sig. The graphics n such are alot like the f2p fps combat arms I play & on that game i hit on most of its maps 60+ fps on the minimal side & 300 fps on the max side with all settings maxed out.

I laugh at alot of these review sits that claim the X6 is no good for gaming meanwhile it has = if not surpast what I was normaly gettin on my previous X4 955 be.
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