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Originally Posted by mo' power View Post
I see that a premium account is required to create a clan. Do you need a premium account to join a clan? Some say yes, some say no. Could someone clarify this please.
No, you do not need a premium account to join a clan or join a platoon or company. However, you do need a premium account to create a platoon or company.

I do suggest a Premium Account at the beginning for 2 reasons:
1) it gives you a 1.5 multiplier on experience, so you can move up faster.
2) to buy new parking slots ($300.00 in game gold) IF you want to keep some extra tanks.

When I say beginning, if you plan on playing regular, then the first couple of months, a premium account does make the 'grind' a bit faster. But you can do it without, especially if you're unable to play regularly. It's $2500.00 game gold for 30 days.

You can also use a countdown method to join in the same game as someone else - we use it to get up to 4 platoons in on the same game. We use TeamSpeak to do a countdown to 'click' to battle but you could also agree on a time if you're clocks are in sync. It doesn't always work as sometimes we end up with a platoon or 2 on one side and a platoon on the other.
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