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Default Congratulation to HWC - Chimp Challenge Champs

Although I would love for this to be premature, it appears to be inevitable. I also have a flight to catch and will be in the air when the CC officially ends. On behalf of TPU, I wish to congratulate HWC for winning the 2011 Chimp Challenge. Your team has managed some phenomenal numbers during this race and demonstrated the true meaning of teamwork and strategy. TPU gave all we had in a attempt to catch you, but it was not enough coming into the last day. I know there have been slight tensions between our teams at times that can only be attributed to the highly competitive natures our teams possess. Every team that folds is a winner in my book and you are now at the top of the list. I look forward to next years challenge and returning the Jade Monkey to it's rightful owner(TPU)

Congrat's Gentlemen!

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