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the Cooler Master 690 II has even dust filters on the top exhaust cutouts, can support up to 10 fans (2x rads) all that in midtower format...quite an impressive case considering the Basic goes for 70$ atm...

otherwise I'd suggest the older yet very stillish (imo, this used to be my favorite case back in the days most cases had top mounted PSUs) Lancool PC-K7B at 80$. All the intakes have quality removable filters and it has more than enough airflow for a build like yours...but what rly makes it stand out is the Lian Li signature aluminum exterior finish!

Also I'd second on less $$$ on ram (check the 38$ kit in my previous post) and an H61 or H67 mobo when using a non-K CPU...


thats the difference between a stock 5850 and the EVGA card you're looking at (all thermal differences put aside imo just the sheer performance gain is worth the 10$) not to mention these cards can reach 1ghz from the stock 725mhz (thats roughly 35% gain without even reaching the 460 SC-EE temps and noise)!
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