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My System Specs


But it's $50 extra, I don't see why you'd want to pay more for a lesser screen. U2711 is 1.5" (if you want to be exact) larger and 2560x1440 resolution. Those 1.5" make a huge difference IMO along with the boost in resolution. I can fit 3 letter pages side-by-side on my screen at 100% zoom and I can see the page from top to bottom no problem. So really, I see no issue with it being 16:9.

I surely don't have any regrets buying my U2711. Couple other users on here have it too and they all seem quite pleased.

Unless you simply cannot fit a 27" screen on your desk, I can't think of any other reason to spend more money on a smaller screen. If you like 1920x1200, grab the U2410. It's cheaper than the Viewsonic and better pixel pitch as it's 24" instead of 25.5".

As for the whole H-IPS issues the U2711 had initially, I'm fairly confident they've all been cleared up at this point. Granted I don't know what stock BestDirect has, but I got mine direct from Dell and it suffers from none of the tint issues. Even if you do have issues, Dell should swap it out pretty easily.

Anyways, if you're buying basically any IPS/PVA monitor, they aren't "designed" for gaming at all. They're designed for colour reproduction, not response time. Majority of them have some input lag (if you notice that kind of thing) due to the internal processing. If it's strictly for gaming, maybe you should consider one (or three) of those 23" 3D-ready ones that run 120Hz instead.
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