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My System Specs


I am in love with this game and wish to make many babies....

Anyways wow 10 kills! Best I've done is 8 :(..

The VK3601 is a very good tank and is a bit overpowered for its class. Right now I have a KV, KV3, KV1S, T34-85, SU85, SU-8. I upgrade everything on every tank before moving on to the next tank. I know I am crazy but thats a lot of fun for me.

One thing I highly recommend is buy a manual fire extinguisher and a repair kit. Those 2 consumables have saved so many of my tanks. Can't tell you how important they are. Also once you get up to the higher end tanks that take many battles to upgrade I recommend getting some modules like for arty get 10% reduced reload time and aim. Also NEVER waste gold on the awesomely over powered ammo. I know it is awesome but just pisses away money. Not worth it.

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