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My System Specs


Soooo, let me get this straight.

1) You have 2 PC's Hardwired via ethernet cable to your router
Answer:This is partially correct: I have one iMac (desktop) and one Windows 7 based PC both hardwired to the router, The router is close to the iMac . The PC is the one downstairs.

2) You have your Printer connected to router via ethernet cable
Answer: Printer hardwired to the IMac desktop (also close to the iMac)

3) You have a 3rd PC downstairs ......connected to router via WIFI ?
Answer: I do not have a 3rd Computer

4) You want all 3 PC's to communicate "as is" with your Printer.
Answer: I want both the iMac upstairs and the PC dowstairs to communicate wired with the same Canon Printer

Hope I have now clarified the scenario for you to understand what I am after.

Thank you again

(so I have already explained the real situation and my needs)
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