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In any case to answer your original question, All the video cards mentioned in this thread have much more power than the 5000+ will let you take advantage of, especially at stock clocks. Its not to say you won't see an improvement, you will, but with such a slow processor you will not get all the performance you paid for.

To really take advantage of a current-gen card, you'll want at least an intel wolfedale, or a quad core. I'm using a 5000+ at 3.3ghz with the 3870 cards, and performance scales up and down proportionally with cpu mhz, in almost every game I have, at 1680x1050. A friend with a similar intel setup (dual core at the same clocks) gets quite a bit more performance than I do, with the exact same video cards.

If you want to stay AMD get yourself into a new phenom. Otherwise get yourself an intel board and a wolfedale so you can run some real clocks. Either way, get out of that DELL!
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