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My System Specs


Like many other pre-fabricated computer manufacturers, Dell has chosen to go with many proprietary computer components instead of using industry standard computer parts. When it is time for replacement or upgrade of these components, they have to be purchased from Dell. In Dell's case, one of the proprietary parts is one you might not expect: your Dell power supply may look like a standard ATX power supply, but in fact cannot be replaced with a standard ATX power supply. The reason you need a proprietary Dell power supply is because Dell has been using specially modified ATX motherboards with non-standard pinout of the motherboard power connectors. This Dell to ATX adapter converts between the non-standard pinout to the standard ATX pinout and turns a standard ATX power supply into the equivalent of a Dell power supply.

That my friends is why I don't buy dell computers because we all get the upgrade twitch at some point and who wants to be buying a dell powersupply.
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