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Originally Posted by lcdguy View Post
That is kind of the point of the mechanical key switch keyboard. The switches are designed to activate before the key bottoms out. Unlike in a membrane keyboard were more often then not it won't activate until the key is pushed all the way down. as the arm rests that is an issue but can easily be solved by either picking up a rest or getting the 7g on which has a wrist rest.
Have you tried a Blackwidow? Because it has a complete different feel to it. Granted they use different switches (6GV2 uses Cherry Black, Blackwidow uses Cherry Blue), it doesn't have the best tactile response. There's no "feel" that you've pressed the button, regardless of how much you've pushed the key in.

That's the point of the mechanical keyboard: the tactile feel and response. The only time you'll know you've pressed the key and it registers is when the key bottoms out.
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