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Dangtx, I looked into the H70, but I'd rather not spend quite that much. I think I'll stick to air for now, and perhaps eventually a full W/C will make its way into my case, as originally planned. As far as dropping the 295's for a 580 or two... that just needs a little bit of time, is all.

Haha, I see what it is now. That air vent looks like it has a bunch of wires running into it, but now I can tell what's going on.

Krajee, you are absolutely right. RJ, is there an actual motherboard under there somewhere, or did you bolt all of that directly to the tray?

So, a quick rundown from my end. The TRUE obviously fits, and the dimensions I found go:

________________TRUE = 132 x 63 x 160.5
(132 x 113 x 160.5 including fans)

Prolimatech Armageddon = 144 x 50 x 160.3
__________Megahalems = 130 x 74 x 158.7
Can that Mega fit push/pull with two 25mm fans? Because if it can, then the...

CoolerMaster_____V6 GT = 131 x 120 x 165
... can obviously fit. Or does the 6mm difference matter? I believe the 120 is just including the plastic fan brackets, right? My worry is that the V6 would be getting all touchy with the RAM, at that point. Heh.

I can't help leaning towards the V6GT. I think it's beautiful, and that it would compliment my case perfectly. Though I wouldn't mind the Armageddon for its "Quiet" factor with those big 140's, I can't even find the dumb thing for sale. Even then, attached to the pwm the fans should remain relatively calm unless needed on the V6GT. . .

Something I should have said at the beginning: My computer is currently disassembled and sitting in multiple small boxes at the moment. I just moved, y'see. I can't exactly do the measurements myself, and like I said, I wouldn't trust my measurements anyway.

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