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Hey Money. Thanks for the feedback. There are a couple things making me want to buy the GTS over the GT, but the main one is the dual slot cooler. My machine really wasn't made for gaming and I worry how it will deal with the extra heat of GT. Also the GTS seems to be the sweet spot for price atm.

I checked that link out you gave me for power supplies and they do indeed make Dell specific units... Price is double though!

I am going to power down to take a good look inside the case and see if it is indeed proprietary in nature...


Well the good is that it does seem to be a standard 24pin connector to the board. Bad news is there may not be room for a dual slot cooler with out modding the stock HS/F on the CPU. I had been thinking about modding the HS/F in hopes of pushing my CPU up to 3.0ghz, but that is another thread.

Any additional thoughts on if CPU/Ram will bottle kneck a 512mb GTS?

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