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Default Boot up slow down

I've noticed but never really bothered to ask or inquire about it until now why it seems my system (current and with past mobo) always seems to take longer to boot (including windows) when my system is overclocked compared to running stock.

Now i know most mobos will double boot in a sense (and i dont take that extra time into consideration), but I've noticed it always takes longer from second boot to windows then it does for stock system to boot into windows. I was wondering if anyone knew why this happens or why it may be happening to me as since I figure for gaming and daily tasks now a 3.0GHz i7 versus a 3.8Ghz i7 (940) wont really have any performance difference.

I have trim enabled (AHCI) as well as periodically run the Intel tool anyways and that for the most part still doesnt make the difference between boot times.
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