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Unless you need a single volume of more than 2TB, drop the RAID and use individual HDDs. While the risk of data loss isn't as big an issue as some people make it out to be, if one HDD fails all your data will depend on your backups.

If you want performance get SSDs.

I personally don't use internal HDDs. I'll use older SSDs for internal bulk storage of current data but stuff like multimedia collections goes on external HDDS.

I understand the desire to put all your movies in a single folder but it's not really feasible. Not many years ago we had to deal with the 2GB partition limit before LBA and some day a 2TB limit will seem silly in a world of petabytes and exobytes.

Even through USB3, multi-terabyte transfers take hours. Breaking up large volumes into 2TB chunks makes backups much more manageable.
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