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Originally Posted by Ctech View Post
I have it, kinda like it, but some issues with it. The keys have a "half in, half out" state which leads to me sometimes double typing a letter, happens especially with the space bar. That and the lack of wrist rest are downsides. I've had quite a few cramps in my wrist (especially playing Mortal Kombat on emulators ;D), and they were quite painful. It's a very durable keyboard, but the keys gradually become greasy (even though I never use my PC while eating).

My opinion is to spend the extra $20 and get a Razer Blackwidow. Much better for typing.
That is kind of the point of the mechanical key switch keyboard. The switches are designed to activate before the key bottoms out. Unlike in a membrane keyboard were more often then not it won't activate until the key is pushed all the way down. as the arm rests that is an issue but can easily be solved by either picking up a rest or getting the 7g on which has a wrist rest.
and now for something completely different

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