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Default A water gpu only block?

Hi guys,

I was considering to get into watercooling primarily only for my GPUs. I have a Noctua NH-12UP which is more than capable of cooling my i7 and I am not into aggressively overclocking it anytime (the Noctua fans are also dead silent) so I don't really need it for the CPU.

The only thing that is loud in my case is the video card and after a few days of it with the fans at 80%-90% with a household fan trying to cool them, I think I am going to go crazy. If you haven't seen my other thread, I am running three Sapphire 5850 Xtreme non reference cards. Here is how they look:

One of the fans has already bit the dust (I bought it from Direct Canada, no idea how the RMA process is with them). As these are cheap cards, I don't want to spend $100+ for each of them to have a full block but I wouldn't mind buying a water block only for the GPU. These seem to be much more affordable and I could at least install them on future cards.

My question is, is this feasible and would the other parts of the card need any additional heating (i.e. ram heatsinks) and could those be removed when I sell the cards?

Otherwise, I really am out of a solution to keep three of these cooled without the noise being ridiculous.

Edit: I think I will just sell these cards and settle for two 6970s instead as the costs end up being cheaper than trying to cool these cards.

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