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My System Specs


Hmm that's a good idea. Don't want to do any permanent damage to my main machine.

My FSB is running at 195 MHz with a 19x multiplier. Memory bus is running at 782.2 MHz

AIDA 64 says CPU core is at 1.3V, PLL is 1.794V, southbridge is at 1.038V, IMC is at 1.3 V, RAM is at 1.5V

The one worrying thing is that my +5V and +5V standby are around 5.15V, though i'm not sure if anything really uses those rails.

My core temps are maxing out at 60C, and I've had it folding for more than a day on SMP now, so I think i'm alright.

GPU on the other hand is running at 85C OC'd at 960/1300. I'm going to give my GPU a break for the night and switch back to SMP so I can sleep.
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